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Food Services offers an all you care to eat Academic Year meal plan. Your choices are a 5 day plan for unlimited access weekdays or a 7 day plan for unlimited access 7 days a week. Unlimited access is available to meal plan participants during operating hours.

The Academic Year 13-14 plan begins Fall Semester 2013 and ends Spring Semester 2014. If you join the plan during Fall 2013, your commitment is for both Fall 2013 and Spring 2014.

If for some reason you were unable to join the plan Fall Semester, you may join Spring Semester. You will be joining the plan for the last half of the AY Contract; therefore, your commitment expires at the end of Spring 2014. You may purchase the Spring 2014 plan beginning November 2, 2013.

If the dining commons are open and serving when you acquire your meal plan, you will have immediate access to dine. Charges will post to your student account the subsequent business day and the Bursar will advise by UGA Email when your meal plan payment is due.

Please type your UGA MyID name and password and click Submit. For example: If your UGA e-mail address is, your UGA MyID would be food.

Please sign in to view, purchase, or upgrade your meal plan.


Questions concerning meal plan contracts may be addressed to the Food Services Admin Office by calling 706.542.7130 or via email sent to

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